Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week 1 of Diet : Verdict soon !

One of our projects is to lose weight. We started to do it seriously last year  but family dramas and non-sense made us stop the diet for a while and unfortunately, we gain back some of the weight lost. So, now we are back on track and ready to lose the weight once and for all, despite what our family says and thinks.
Goals :
  • L => 36 lbs
  • T => 33 lbs
Those are our ultimate goals, you know, the one perfect weight you wish you see on the scale and I am optimistic we can do it this time, if we stay strong, focus, and consistent. We want to attain these goals before our birthday in december.
This has been one of our dreams for 4 years now, since we put on so much weight we don't feel ourselves anymore. When I look in the mirror I feel I am looking at a stranger. Don't misinterpret my words, I don't think I am fat or ugly, I just don't feel like myself and I want to look at me in the mirror and feel my body in line with my spirit. If anyone feel that way or differently, or think I'm crazy, feel free to share...
To help us stay focus, we are going to write "Thinspiration" posts for now on. It is about celebs that lost incredible amount of weight or have a great body figure that inspire us... It's all about being inspired.
Results of our first week tomorrow...

More coming up soon, the sky is our limit - XO,T&L
Thinspiration # 1 : Nicole Richie - I chose her because she was known as the "Paris Hilton's fat crazy BFF", and she decided to change that. Now I think she has a beautiful body, she looks happy and healthy. Moreover, she had her first kid 1 month after mine, that make me even more inspired by her, cause she actually has lost the baby weight...
Before :

After :

Now :

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libys11 said...

ooohh yeah. she definitely looks os better now.. post baby and all! :D

good luck with the dieting! :D

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