Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bachelorette #6: lucky Ali...!

Seriously who wouldn't be happy to be able to date 20 men on national TV? Well, except for the TV part, I know I would love to! That is why T and I love to watch every week the adventures of The Bachelorette #6: Ali Fedotowsky.

We are following this show (The Bachelor too) for 2/3 years now and this is becoming a tradition to watch it together with a glass of wine, and of course we bitch and gossip about the bachelors and the bachelorette. I have to say, since the bachelorette #4, DeAnna Pappas, the show is getting much more interessant as we can watch the heartbreak bachelors or bachelorette trying to fall in love. So far, we really enjoyed watching Jillian (fellow canadian!) falling in love with Ed, one of our favorite, but this season of The Bachelorette is great. We love Ali! Why? Well, first, she is our age. Second, she is ambitious, career driven, but really down-to-earth (at least she seems to), so we can relate to her. And third, we've got to know her and loved her on the last season of The Bachelor with Bachelor Jake Pavelka.
Of course, we always have our favorites, and this season we have four gentlemen we could totally see Ali (or us!!!) ending up with. Who are they? (in no special order) : Roberto, Frank , Kirk, and Chris L.

We just can't wait to know who Ali is going to pick! What do you think? Do you watch this show?

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Reina said...

kayy. here are my thoughts. keep in note i havent watched the latest episode (i will today).

well... jesse was super hot but he went home ): but thats okay, he wasnt my choice to win,
but i LOVE roberto he's so sweet and cute, i also like chris L. he seems so genuine and he and ali seem to have a good connection. we need to have a discussion on the bachelorette!!! kasey is SO OVER THE TOP dumb. i mean dude, you're gonna live with that fricking tattoo forever. im glad johnathan (weatherman haha) went home. he was such a DORK. i also like Ty and Kirk is growing on me. but we'll see how it all plays out ( :