Thursday, June 24, 2010

Results week 1

Just a quick post to let you know how it went for our first week of diet:
  • T: -4lbs => 29 lbs to go
  • L: -4lbs => 32 lbs to go
We are on a good path, I can feel it... We need to keep up the good work, focus on our goals and make it work!
More coming up soon, the sky is our limit - XO, T

Thinspiration of the day: beautiful Jessica Stroup star from 90210. To me she is one of the prettiest of the cast along with Jessica Lowndes. We are not big fans of the show, but it is fun to watch during rainy days... She was chubby before and got really skinny during the first season of the show. Now I think she looks fantastic and healthy with the weight she put on recently. Amazing legs, don't you think ?!

1 comment:

<333 said...

Omg, how did you lose 4 lbs in one week?

Thats AMAZING. You guys are an inspiration.