Saturday, June 26, 2010

Model Spotlight on Freja Beha!

October, Vogue UK, The Rhapsody by Javier Vallhonrat
Bio (from IMG 
Freja, exploded onto the fashion scene soon after being discovered on the streets of her hometown, Copenhagan, Denmark. Despite having no prior modeling experience, Freja was a natural in front of the camera. Her unique beauty and easy nature made her a joy for photographers to work with. Freja’s career reached new heights during the Fall/Winter 2005 campaign season. She emerged as the year’s break-out star and appeared in three major advertisements campaigns, Balenciaga, photographed by David Sims; Jil Sander, also by David Sims, and TSE, photographed by Carter Smith. Since then, Freja has appeared in advertisements for Gucci, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Chloe, Gap, Calvin Klein, Balmain, Balenciaga, Gianfranco Ferre, and Pringle. Freja is also the face of Calvin Klein’s perfume, CK In 2 U, and Gucci’s perfume Gucci. She can currently be seen in the Fall/Winter 2008 advertisements for Emporio Armani.
In her breakout runway season, Freja walked a total of 64 shows, 12 of which she opened, 5 of which she closed. She continues to appear on the runway today and has walked for designers such as, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Dolce & Gabbana, Givency, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez, Prada, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Zac Posen. 
Influential magazine editors took notice as well. Freja has appeared on the covers and inside pages of the industry’s most prestigious magazines, including Vogue (Italian, French, American, British, Chinese, Japanese, Russian), V, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Numéro, PoP, Dazed & Confused and Self Service. Freja remains a favorite among the fashion elite and is consistently rated as one of the industry’s top models.

Dansk #8, Sub Surface by Andrea Sjödin

Birth Date: October 18, 1987 
Agencies: IMG (NYC, London, Milano and Paris), Louisa Munich, Unique Denmark, Dominique (Brussels). 
Rankings: Top 50 Models (Ranked # 3)
Height: 5'10" (178cm)
Measurements: 31-23.5-35 US, 79-60-89 EU
Shoe Size: 8 US, 6 UK, 39 EU
Dress Size: 4 US, 6 UK, 34 EU
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Debut Season: Fall/Winter 2005/2006
Debut Show: Prada (semi-exclusive)

Diesel Black Gold
Alexander Wang
Alberta Ferretti

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bachelorette #6: lucky Ali...!

Seriously who wouldn't be happy to be able to date 20 men on national TV? Well, except for the TV part, I know I would love to! That is why T and I love to watch every week the adventures of The Bachelorette #6: Ali Fedotowsky.

We are following this show (The Bachelor too) for 2/3 years now and this is becoming a tradition to watch it together with a glass of wine, and of course we bitch and gossip about the bachelors and the bachelorette. I have to say, since the bachelorette #4, DeAnna Pappas, the show is getting much more interessant as we can watch the heartbreak bachelors or bachelorette trying to fall in love. So far, we really enjoyed watching Jillian (fellow canadian!) falling in love with Ed, one of our favorite, but this season of The Bachelorette is great. We love Ali! Why? Well, first, she is our age. Second, she is ambitious, career driven, but really down-to-earth (at least she seems to), so we can relate to her. And third, we've got to know her and loved her on the last season of The Bachelor with Bachelor Jake Pavelka.
Of course, we always have our favorites, and this season we have four gentlemen we could totally see Ali (or us!!!) ending up with. Who are they? (in no special order) : Roberto, Frank , Kirk, and Chris L.

We just can't wait to know who Ali is going to pick! What do you think? Do you watch this show?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spotlight on fashion designer Tara Jarmon.

T and myself are newbies when it comes to fashion. Which means we know some designers' name, we read fashion magazines and follow fashion blogs, and we love shopping! Since this blog is all about improving ourselves, I decided to try to change it. One idea to improve our fashion culture is to write about a fashion designer at least once a week. For the first fashion designer, I decided to pick Tara Jarmon

  • Biographie: Tara Jarmon is a Paris-based Canadian fashion designer. Born in Canada, she moved to Newport BeachCalifornia in high school. Jarmon launched her self-titled clothing line over 20 years ago, which now spans 23 free-standing Tara Jarmon boutiques and 80 store-in-store locations throughout Europe and Asia. 

Tara Jarmon
  • The Brand: Tara and her husband, David Jarmon, combined their talents and gave birth to a clothing line. He manages it, she is in charge of the design. She gives it her name and her spirit, that is to say joy, pureness, freshness, spontaneity. A brand is born, Tara Jarmon. Smart and comfortable pieces, colored and sexy but never provocative, embellished with details such as embroidery, a bow, a flower; sober cuts, in sweet and silky materials : muslin, cotton, satin, velvet. In short, a line which is perfectly adapted to a modern, elegant, self-confident, dynamic woman. Tara Jarmon is the embodiment of a pure feminine simplicity. A Parisian and at the same time a universal brand.
These are my 15 favorites pieces from the spring/summer 2010 Tara Jarmon collection

Results week 1

Just a quick post to let you know how it went for our first week of diet:
  • T: -4lbs => 29 lbs to go
  • L: -4lbs => 32 lbs to go
We are on a good path, I can feel it... We need to keep up the good work, focus on our goals and make it work!
More coming up soon, the sky is our limit - XO, T

Thinspiration of the day: beautiful Jessica Stroup star from 90210. To me she is one of the prettiest of the cast along with Jessica Lowndes. We are not big fans of the show, but it is fun to watch during rainy days... She was chubby before and got really skinny during the first season of the show. Now I think she looks fantastic and healthy with the weight she put on recently. Amazing legs, don't you think ?!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Silhouette!

We've decided to start the NIVEA My Silhouette! Gel-Cream, starting monday !

Because we love to illustrate with nice pictures, I'll give you these :

The results expected after 4 weeks of use (1 to 2 times application / day): Slimmer looking and noticeably defined silhouette. I can't wait to try it and see the results... They wrote on the box that it was "the highly effective 100% natural Bio-Slim Complex" gel cream. Ingredients to make us be slimmer : white tea and anis extract (doesn't it seems like a beverage to you? LOL).
Does anyone tried that before ? Is it really effective or it's a big scam!?!

More coming up in 4 weeks.... The sky is our limit - XO, T

Week 1 of Diet : Verdict soon !

One of our projects is to lose weight. We started to do it seriously last year  but family dramas and non-sense made us stop the diet for a while and unfortunately, we gain back some of the weight lost. So, now we are back on track and ready to lose the weight once and for all, despite what our family says and thinks.
Goals :
  • L => 36 lbs
  • T => 33 lbs
Those are our ultimate goals, you know, the one perfect weight you wish you see on the scale and I am optimistic we can do it this time, if we stay strong, focus, and consistent. We want to attain these goals before our birthday in december.
This has been one of our dreams for 4 years now, since we put on so much weight we don't feel ourselves anymore. When I look in the mirror I feel I am looking at a stranger. Don't misinterpret my words, I don't think I am fat or ugly, I just don't feel like myself and I want to look at me in the mirror and feel my body in line with my spirit. If anyone feel that way or differently, or think I'm crazy, feel free to share...
To help us stay focus, we are going to write "Thinspiration" posts for now on. It is about celebs that lost incredible amount of weight or have a great body figure that inspire us... It's all about being inspired.
Results of our first week tomorrow...

More coming up soon, the sky is our limit - XO,T&L
Thinspiration # 1 : Nicole Richie - I chose her because she was known as the "Paris Hilton's fat crazy BFF", and she decided to change that. Now I think she has a beautiful body, she looks happy and healthy. Moreover, she had her first kid 1 month after mine, that make me even more inspired by her, cause she actually has lost the baby weight...
Before :

After :

Now :

Our Inspiration

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
 Like you know we are twins and we decided that our first "Inspiration post" should be dedicated to the Olsen Twin for the simple reasons that we are following their career since the beginning. We are inspired by their successes, like their fashion brands and entertainment company they own, and the fact that they did it together!

The funny thing is that we love them both, but we kinda pick our favorite twin we feel closer to: T's favorites is Mary Kate and L's favorite is Ashley!  

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A surprise came into the mail...

So I don't know if we told you, but T and I moved, barely two month ago, in our new apartment in Montreal, Canada. [Before Montreal, we were living in France where we were born.] Anyway, among the first thing we did when we moved in was to subscribe to some of our favorite magazines (a total of 4 different magazines). And today T. had the honor to pick the first issue in the mail: ELLE Canada! Since we are such dorks, we just had to take a picture of it:

I can't wait to read it. [Probably tonight actually.] I love Internet and reading my dailies newsletter and my favorite blogs, but I know that no matter how much I love Internet, I still enjoy better reading a magazine! There is nothing like looking at a cover for the first time and discovering what is so hot these days that it has to be featured in the magazine...and turning the pages...the smell of the paper! I even enjoy better the ads! The only problem is that I have a hard time to throw them away and we usually end up with a huge pile of magazines!!! But you never know...
So now, I just can't wait to receive the next 3 issues...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looove Downtown girls on MTV

Tonight we watched the new reality show on MTV: Downtown girls... It was love at first sight: love the city, love the girls, love the content so far. I mean: New York, boys, dates tips, fashion, what's to hate? The show is about this writer/blogger/columnist and her 4 BFFs, and their lives in New York.
Compared to the other so-called reality TV shows where the people are so rich they don't have to work and their lives turn around party, shopping and again futile made up problems,... Finally it is interesting and realistic. We love the tone of the show: it's fresh, humorist and without any pretensions! Moreover, the fact that Shallon is a journalist remind us of a certain Carrie Bradshaw...

More about the girls of the show:
  • Shallon (the one in the middle) is a relationship blogger for and writes about sex, love and relationships, examining the lives and loves of those around her as well as her own dating dramas. Career-driven and boy-crazy, she has a knack for falling for younger men and has experienced many heartbreaks of late. Shallon might be able to dish out good advice professionally, but she often forgets to take that advice herself. 
  • Gurj (2nd to the left) is a brassy, strong-willed London rocker, who can usually be found at the center of the Manhattan music scene. She works in digital media for Atlantic Records, and is not only Shallon's ticket to "hot rock musicians" but also serves as a great voice of reason to the girls. She has a serious musician boyfriend, who is frequently away on tour with his up-and-coming band.

  • Nikki (last to the left) is having claimed to have dated every Jewish guy in Manhattan, Nikki is on the hunt to find her Prince Charming. She is also one of Shallon's roommates and often acts as her partner in crime. Although Nikki comes from a wealthy Long Island family, she works very hard and owns a high-end boutique called Nikki Laura, with a celebrity clientele. Unfortunately for Nikki, her store is not immune to the current economy, and she struggles to keep her boutique open while the stores around her close one by one. 
  • Victoria (first to the left) is an aspiring attorney, Victoria is Shallon's other roommate, whose eccentric ways provide a source of rattlebrained comic relief. Victoria recently graduated from law school and is currently awaiting the results of her second attempt at the bar exam. Like her roommates, Victoria is also single, and is infamously known as the "queen of the first date."  

  • Klo (4th to the left) is Shallon's best friend and a bride-to-be, Klo is a newly reformed party girl in the midst of planning her wedding to the man of her dreams. Even though she and Shallon don't hit the town together like they used to, Klo is always around to give Shallon her blunt and often comical opinion.

 We've seen only 2 episodes but we have great hopes and we can't wait to see next week episode!
Has anyone seen it? What did you think of it?

More coming up soon, the sky is our limit - XO,T&L

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our so-called projects!

Well, we have a lot projects, these are the most important ones we have going on right now.
  • Our diet: for many reasons (pregnancy, junk food addiction, lack of activity), we have put on a bit of weight. As summer is approaching fast, we have to do something about this undesired weight.
-->T has 33 lbs to lose and L 36 lbs <--

  • Working Girls: L is a graduate student in a business school in Montréal and her goal is to find a killer internship in NYC. T is looking forward to find THE job that will lead her career path and to have both money and experience to start a MBA in 3-5 years.
=> Common goal: to live in NYC before we turn 30<=

  • Relationship: Well, we don't have that many friends here, since we recently moved to Montreal ... But we also want to put ourselves out there and start dating again!
From T to L: I want to prove to you that love can be find at any age, and being single at 25 doesn't mean you'll become an old maid.

New begining...

We are T & L and we're twins, but the most important is that we decided that the sky is our limit and we are determined to live our life to the fullest, without regrets.
As you already figured it out (or will), we have ambition and we have dreams we will make come true. But more on the details later.
We decided to start this blog, to share our thoughts, feelings, successes, failures... and everything that will be on our journey to become the persons we always dreamed of becoming! This blog we'll follow us and will be the witness of our ambition.We are also craving for any kind of advice and your opinion matters too.
So welcome to our and let's get started... We have a lot of work to do!

More coming up soon, the sky is our limit - XO, T&L