Monday, June 14, 2010

Our so-called projects!

Well, we have a lot projects, these are the most important ones we have going on right now.
  • Our diet: for many reasons (pregnancy, junk food addiction, lack of activity), we have put on a bit of weight. As summer is approaching fast, we have to do something about this undesired weight.
-->T has 33 lbs to lose and L 36 lbs <--

  • Working Girls: L is a graduate student in a business school in MontrĂ©al and her goal is to find a killer internship in NYC. T is looking forward to find THE job that will lead her career path and to have both money and experience to start a MBA in 3-5 years.
=> Common goal: to live in NYC before we turn 30<=

  • Relationship: Well, we don't have that many friends here, since we recently moved to Montreal ... But we also want to put ourselves out there and start dating again!
From T to L: I want to prove to you that love can be find at any age, and being single at 25 doesn't mean you'll become an old maid.

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