Monday, June 14, 2010

New begining...

We are T & L and we're twins, but the most important is that we decided that the sky is our limit and we are determined to live our life to the fullest, without regrets.
As you already figured it out (or will), we have ambition and we have dreams we will make come true. But more on the details later.
We decided to start this blog, to share our thoughts, feelings, successes, failures... and everything that will be on our journey to become the persons we always dreamed of becoming! This blog we'll follow us and will be the witness of our ambition.We are also craving for any kind of advice and your opinion matters too.
So welcome to our and let's get started... We have a lot of work to do!

More coming up soon, the sky is our limit - XO, T&L


Reina said...

im also a twin ( : but im adopted and so we dont know what happened to my twin. even if its still living, much less identical or fraternal, or its sex. so thats the sad part. but we're going to china this summer and maybe we'll find out more.

Reina said...

oh, and my star sign is gemini, and you know what its symbol is? TWINS (: