Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spotlight on fashion designer Tara Jarmon.

T and myself are newbies when it comes to fashion. Which means we know some designers' name, we read fashion magazines and follow fashion blogs, and we love shopping! Since this blog is all about improving ourselves, I decided to try to change it. One idea to improve our fashion culture is to write about a fashion designer at least once a week. For the first fashion designer, I decided to pick Tara Jarmon

  • Biographie: Tara Jarmon is a Paris-based Canadian fashion designer. Born in Canada, she moved to Newport BeachCalifornia in high school. Jarmon launched her self-titled clothing line over 20 years ago, which now spans 23 free-standing Tara Jarmon boutiques and 80 store-in-store locations throughout Europe and Asia. 

Tara Jarmon
  • The Brand: Tara and her husband, David Jarmon, combined their talents and gave birth to a clothing line. He manages it, she is in charge of the design. She gives it her name and her spirit, that is to say joy, pureness, freshness, spontaneity. A brand is born, Tara Jarmon. Smart and comfortable pieces, colored and sexy but never provocative, embellished with details such as embroidery, a bow, a flower; sober cuts, in sweet and silky materials : muslin, cotton, satin, velvet. In short, a line which is perfectly adapted to a modern, elegant, self-confident, dynamic woman. Tara Jarmon is the embodiment of a pure feminine simplicity. A Parisian and at the same time a universal brand.
These are my 15 favorites pieces from the spring/summer 2010 Tara Jarmon collection

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Ancia said...

Nice idea. It will be very interesting to read about designer very week.
Thank you for following and commenting my blog. I really appreciate that. :D