Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looove Downtown girls on MTV

Tonight we watched the new reality show on MTV: Downtown girls... It was love at first sight: love the city, love the girls, love the content so far. I mean: New York, boys, dates tips, fashion, what's to hate? The show is about this writer/blogger/columnist and her 4 BFFs, and their lives in New York.
Compared to the other so-called reality TV shows where the people are so rich they don't have to work and their lives turn around party, shopping and again futile made up problems,... Finally it is interesting and realistic. We love the tone of the show: it's fresh, humorist and without any pretensions! Moreover, the fact that Shallon is a journalist remind us of a certain Carrie Bradshaw...

More about the girls of the show:
  • Shallon (the one in the middle) is a relationship blogger for and writes about sex, love and relationships, examining the lives and loves of those around her as well as her own dating dramas. Career-driven and boy-crazy, she has a knack for falling for younger men and has experienced many heartbreaks of late. Shallon might be able to dish out good advice professionally, but she often forgets to take that advice herself. 
  • Gurj (2nd to the left) is a brassy, strong-willed London rocker, who can usually be found at the center of the Manhattan music scene. She works in digital media for Atlantic Records, and is not only Shallon's ticket to "hot rock musicians" but also serves as a great voice of reason to the girls. She has a serious musician boyfriend, who is frequently away on tour with his up-and-coming band.

  • Nikki (last to the left) is having claimed to have dated every Jewish guy in Manhattan, Nikki is on the hunt to find her Prince Charming. She is also one of Shallon's roommates and often acts as her partner in crime. Although Nikki comes from a wealthy Long Island family, she works very hard and owns a high-end boutique called Nikki Laura, with a celebrity clientele. Unfortunately for Nikki, her store is not immune to the current economy, and she struggles to keep her boutique open while the stores around her close one by one. 
  • Victoria (first to the left) is an aspiring attorney, Victoria is Shallon's other roommate, whose eccentric ways provide a source of rattlebrained comic relief. Victoria recently graduated from law school and is currently awaiting the results of her second attempt at the bar exam. Like her roommates, Victoria is also single, and is infamously known as the "queen of the first date."  

  • Klo (4th to the left) is Shallon's best friend and a bride-to-be, Klo is a newly reformed party girl in the midst of planning her wedding to the man of her dreams. Even though she and Shallon don't hit the town together like they used to, Klo is always around to give Shallon her blunt and often comical opinion.

 We've seen only 2 episodes but we have great hopes and we can't wait to see next week episode!
Has anyone seen it? What did you think of it?

More coming up soon, the sky is our limit - XO,T&L

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Reina said...

ill check it out. do you guys watch the bachelor/bachelorette?? cause i LOVE it. if you havent read my first blog entry already, you should cause i express my love for it on there!