Saturday, July 10, 2010

Results Diet week # 2-3

Last week and this week weren't as good as the first one... But we need to keep focus and not to let ourselves give up because we didn't do great for 2 weeks, right? We are not the type of person who find excuses for themselves to not achieve what they want so: Never give up, never surrender! Next week will be better...

Thinspiration of the moment: Actress Ashley Greene from the saga Twilight as Alice. I don't really what they do to her hair and wardrobe in the movies, but she looks amazing and her body figure is gorgeous:


simi said...

i haven't seen the recent film out but she was really good in the other films but i agree with you i don't understand what they do with her hair and wardrobe


Chloe said...

I agree, she's so so pretty and she has a wonderful fashion sense outside of the films. Her hair isn't very nice in Eclipse either, but I loved the film!

Chloe xxx