Friday, July 30, 2010

Our new TV Addiction : Pretty Little Liars!

We are addicted to another TV show: ABC family summer serie, Pretty Little Liars.

Inspired by the book series (like another show we know!), Pretty Little liars portrayed a group of high school girlfriends who grew up together in a small town. There are all the ingredients to make a good show: drama, intrigues, romance,...a gorgeous cast and of course fashion!
I found a great article from WhoWhatWear featuring one of the main character: Lucy Hale (or Aria Montgomery on the show):

Hale's character enjoys the most noteworthy wardrobe on the show. Always flirtatiously quirky and eclectically assembled, Aria's ensembles invariably involve a number of layers, prints, and loads of accessories. The combination adds up to a look that's a little grungy, a little girly, and totally grounded. "Sometimes an outfit can look so wrong," Hale says, acknowledging the how-did-she-put-that-together aspect of her character's style. "But if you look at it more closely, suddenly you realize it's so right."

For the one that are watching the show, what do you think of it ? Who are your favorites? I really like Aria's and Spencer's styles. 



i love the styling of the outfits

p.s. i dont know if you saw but i left you a gift on my blog

libys11 said...

hmm.. haven't seen this yet.. but now that i saw those outfits, i just might have to! :D

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Reina said...

i guess i havent been paying much attention to what they've been wearing, but my favorite character is Spencer. Her story is the most interesting to me. Wren was so cute!!! im sad he isnt "with" her anymore. Also i think Troian (the actress) is really pretty.

Naked Geek said...

I love Pretty Little Liars. It's becoming a huge hit. I love the style and scandal of it all. I watcht that show religiously. Great post I love it.

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