Saturday, July 10, 2010

H&M Studio: Look #1

I recently discovered a fun and useful tool: The H&M Studio. I don't know if you ever used it but this really fun! First you chose your model and then you can dress her up with the upcoming collection from head to toe. So I decided to create a look and then try to reproduce it for myself. What I like about H&M is that the clothes are affordable, trendy and usually well made.
This is the first look I picked: 
I really like the dress and I will really wear it with leggings. The jacket is also cute but I am not sure about the colour and I will probably try to find it in blaxk so I can wear it with everything.
What do you think?   

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Little Vi said...

I love H&M, but they don't have it in the city I live in so that means an 8 hour drive to the nearest city that has it, but so worth it. :)