Saturday, July 3, 2010

My feet peronnal challenge!

We love shoes. Shoes are fun, great accessories and can you have so many options that can make or break the entire oufit! To chose my shoes I always go for the safe black colour and a common style. And I rarely wear heals or take care of my feet in any particular way like lotions, mask or nail polish.
But I recently realize that it has to change: I want to take good care of my feet! Why? Well, yesterday a saw a woman walking down the street. She was cute, nothing really special but when I look down at her shoes OMG! Her feet were distorted, with like dry bumps, the nails were yellowish and cutting unevenly and finally: they were hairy! 
That's why I decided to take an extra care of my feet. After all, they work very hard eveyday to support me and they deserve it. Plus I don't want anyone to think of me and my feet the way I thought of that woman. 
So there are my feet today:
Nothing special for now, but I want to make them cute and healthy. Does anyone have tips? Plus, I am 5'2 and I really need to start wearing heals. Does anyone have advices or sort of tutorials that could be helpful? Thanks for your help. I'll let you posted on my feet challenge.
XO, L.

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good luck! i don't really care about my feet that much, so i don't have any tips, sorry!