Saturday, July 31, 2010

Autumn/Winter 2010-11 Fashion Trend : Terrific Trousers.

According to Vogue, you must have in your closet, for the upcoming season Terrific Trousers. The new season trousers are easy, elgant and flattering, with simple, leg-lengthening trousers. They fit well with a silky blouse tucked-in, a skinny belt and heels, this is easy, fail-safe glamour, as well as luxe wools.

From these looks from the runway, My favorite trousers are the Akris, Chloé and Marc Jacobs. What I like about this trend is the elegant cut and I think it can fit a wide range of body types. But as much as I would like to be able to wear them, I am pretty sure I won't find anything that fit my "petite" figure, unless I wear very high maybe, will see! 
What do you think? Will a terrific trouser end up in you closet?


    Reina said...

    hmmm. i probably wont be wearing trousers this fall :P it would look wierd on someone my age...

    Well, about the bachelorette, i havent watched the past two episodes (i know, i really need to catch up, but its okay, i knew that Chris & Roberto were the last two standing).
    But i will be vouching for Chris. I think he really deserves someone like Ali and he seems like a really honest, down to earth, funny person. And plus, he's a bit older and I really want him to be happy with someone and i think it would be easier for Roberto to find someone if Ali didnt pick him.
    I do think Ali and Roberto have more visible chemistry though. And Roberto is SO EFFING HOT!!! no joke. if i was his age, i'd be hoping Ali didnt pick him so he could be the next bachelor and i could win him over :D. I do think that he and Ali would be a good couple, but Chris just seems more of a good fit for her.
    I have to say Roberto is my fave though :D

    OMG, and did you see the interview with Jake & Vienna? i honestly don't think Vienna's a lying bitch. I think what she says has truth (maybe not all, but some)to it. Jake's starting to look a little shady to me. I mean, trying to start an acting career????? i mean COME ON. Leave it to people in the biz, you're a pilot so stick to being one. Just because you've entered the limelight dosent mean you need to BE AN ACTOR.
    Stick to being a pilot Jake. You said that was your life and passion on the show.

    okay, my little rant is over :D

    Mystery Bruises said...

    i loveee chloe this season
    your blog is awesome! keep up the good stuff and ill be back for sure!


    Naked Geek said...

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