Friday, August 13, 2010

Catching up....!

We haven't been posting much lately and we are so sorry because we love this blog. We also are so proud to have 21 followers: thank you so much guys for your support and your reactions, it feels really good to know that some people are reading you! So we are definitely back and there will be a lot of catching up!
Starting with the set of Gossip Girl season 4:

What do you think? I love the dresses, especially the blue one and the first outfit!


Reina said...

no, i havent watched the bachelor pad. merrr. i dont know what to think about it because i dont want it to be some show like those on MTV or whatever. I probs will watch it though.

i am SO EXCITED for the 4th season!!!
non of these outfits really stand out to me.
WHAT IS UP WITH SERENA'S HAIR when she's wearing the gray dress???? THAT LOW PONYTAIL????
LIKE HOLY EFF IT LOOKS LIKE A EFFING MULLET!!! dislike. it just looks wierd.

Reina said...

actually. i like the royal blue dress and the white jeans on vanessa.

Anonymous said...

I love Gossip Girl fashion. I just saw the pic of Jessica S in the white jeans and she looks so good in those jeans (white jeans aren't that easy to pull off!)... The shade of blue is quite fab, too!

Krystal said...

oh the incredible

Anonymous said...

They always have such great style! I wish I had a personal stylist who would put my outfit together every morning. ♥