Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Autumn/Winter fashion trend!!!

When I saw that I couldn't believed it! I think I haven't wear a kilt since I was 10 and I just have bad memories reminiscing, like the horrible fabrics that will give me a rash or this good catholic school girl look I had!!! But since Vogue spotted Kilt as a trend, I am willing to give them another try. According to, kilts are perfect to wear now with bare legs while the weather is still relatively warm, and will look great with tights and high-heel hikers when the temperature plummets, finish with preppy loafers or a mannish boot. Later in the season make it a principle part of your layered look with woolly tights, Scandinavian knits, and a mod cool parka.

So will adopt kilts next season? I think I am going to try, just for good old time! 


Reina said...

im not sure about all these new fashion trends lately. have you heard about the clogs trend and denim shirts? and now kilts?

yay for Roberto!!!!!!!!!!!
hahah, though i still have to watch the finale ;P
thank god for hulu!

libys11 said...

oohh quite tricky.. but i might give it a try given the right piece comes along with a nice print and length! :D

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